Sean C Davis.

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Hi, I'm Sean.

I'm a tinkerer and a teacher. I'm driven to learn as much as I can as fast as I can, and then to pass those learnings onto anyone who may find them beneficial.

I also like long walks in the woods. And talking about the web. But not at the same time. Oh, and meeting new people is fun, too! Maybe we should chat.

Rather write an email?

I can do that, too. But I'm not very good at checking it. Maybe you should make it rhyme.

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A Day in the Life

This rubber thing that sits atop an awkward tan line on my wrist starts buzzing at 5:00 AM every morning.

Most days I listen to it and pop right out of bed, already anxious to get the day started. I let the dog out, make a cup of decaf coffee (you know, to wake me up), and then head up to my office to do what I love — tinker and teach.

While soaking up the rare quiet moments on a busy urban street, I play with new tools I've discovered or work on a side project, and then I share what I've been doing or thinking about.

That's about the time my toddler begins to rise from her glorious, 12-hour slumber to fill the quiet space with some new sound I hadn't known before. I use that as my alarm clock — a cue to transition to the part of the day during which normal people are awake.

The kid and I get dressed and walk to daycare. I leave her with a hug and a hope that she'll enjoy the day, and then set off on a detoured route home, popping on an audio book or calling a loved one while traversing the busy neighborhood streets.

After breakfast, I do stuff someone actually pays me for, as a founding engineer of Grouparoo. I joined Grouparoo in January 2021 as their first hire. Together we're working to ease the pain of syncing customer data across the plethora of tools and services various marketing teams use.

The end of the workday often comes with accompanying my wife and dog on another stroll, this time to pick up the girl from daycare. That's the best part of most days, because there's no agenda. We just have to make sure to keep our monsters fed and watered. And bathed occasionally, I suppose. But otherwise, that time is ours. Nothing to create. Nothing to teach. Just to have fun being a family.

Eventually it comes time to put the little noise machine to bed and then it's on to the next thing. Maybe it's a quiet night and I'll read a book. Or maybe I'll dig into another hobby, like playing music, baking bread, writing fiction, or accidentally killing plants.

When a day looks like this, I head to bed, exhausted and content, but never satisfied. Because tomorrow I get to wake up and do it all over again, hopefully better than today. So I take a moment to write a few words about the day, noting the wins I achieved, what I'm thankful for, and what I want to tomorrow to bring.

And as I drift off to sleep, thinking about the day, one idea remains, more important than the rest. That in the midst of all the work I did throughout the day — everything that drained the energy from me — that I had a little fun along the way.