10 Angular Tools to Build Creative Web Apps

Harikrishna Kundariya

To help the developers build robust and high-quality web apps, Angular offers plenty of useful tools.

The Internet and Computers have witnessed tremendous changes and developments over the past decade. Gone are those days when web pages and websites would retain the same data over numerous months without any new updates.

The recent emergence of smartphones and the expansion of information have opened doors for the inclusion of the latest information and innovative associative applications. And that's where the Angular Development framework comes into the picture.

An Introduction to Angular

In simple words, Angular is essentially a 'go-to' framework used to build an interactive and dynamic single-page app. It helps the developers to build top-notch apps that satisfy the needs of their users. One of the major perks of Angular JavaScript or Angular is that it's completely browser-oriented, making the platform a great conjunction with server-side technology.

10 Useful Angular Development Tools to Build Creative Web Apps

A framework alone cannot add all magic sans the correct tools. Hence, to help the developers build robust and high-quality web apps, Angular offers plenty of useful tools. Below are the top 10 Angular tools that can help the developers build feature-rich web apps:

1. Djangular

djangular reusable app

Djangular is one of the popular Angular tools. It eliminates all and any annoyances related to the app content creation. It's easy and simple to implement, and you can use or reuse it whenever you want to hire Angular developers and develop app content meant for the Angular platform according to your needs and project.

Djangular is a great choice as it does not force the developers to create huge chunks of content per app but just develop content according to their app's needs and growth.

2. Karma

karma testing framework

Karma is the second-best Angular Development tool to try. It is essentially used for testing. The capability to test your app on real browsers and devices like tablets and phones renders this tool its popularity. It may not seem feasible at first, but you will see a difference in your final product using Karma.

You can use Karma for different kinds of testing, such as midway testing, E2E testing, unit testing, and more.

3. WebStorm

Webstrom Angular Tools for Developers

WebStorm is an incredible Angular IDE as well as text editor. It is a great tool for coding and is compatible with NodeJS, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. WebStorm also offers support for all the modern technologies, making it a popular choice of tool among developers for Angular Development.

One of the major highlights of this tool is that you do not have to constantly refresh to see the changes taking effect on your page. You can check your code on browsers going live using the 'live text editor' feature in WebStorm.

4. SublimeText

Sublime Text Angular Tools for Developers

All the text code editors worldwide cannot stop but sing praises for the SublimeText tool. That's because this tool makes it exceptionally easy to code. SublimeText takes away the strain of tedious coding and is a simpler and more practical alternative to try.

It provides different packages to make it easier for the developers to work around Angular.

5. Protractor

protractor end-to-end framework

Protractor is basically an end-to-end and open-source framework used for premium app development. By combining numerous technologies like Selenium, Jasmine, Mocha, and Cucumber, Protractor helps the developers to build robust apps.

This tool is built upon WebDriverJS, which offers an interactive atmosphere for dynamic application development. It's the most exceptional and thorough Angular testing tool.

6. Mocha.js

Mochajs Angular Tools for Developers

Mocha.js is Node.js dependent Angular Development tool that allows you to test the JavaScript abilities under favorable conditions. It is the perfect tool for a developer who would like to experiment with a demanding and challenging test spree on both framework and browser.

Mocha.js is an appropriate tool for the beginner level and is also good for training purposes.

7. Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap Angular Tools for Developers

The Angular UI Bootstrap is ideally built upon the famous Bootstrap frontend framework. One of the major benefits of utilizing this tool is that it makes it simple and easy to customize a web page design.

Essentially, the directives in the storehouse contain external markup. The developers can either utilize these markups as a template or make certain changes to them to develop their own distinct template for customized use. The directives of Angular UI Bootstrap include:

  • Buttons
  • Time Picker
  • Carousel
  • Date Picker
  • Alert

Note: Directives are like UI-calendar, UI-router, and UI-map that are utilized instead of the widgets.

8. Ment.io


Ment.io is independent of JQuery, which offers developers flexibility. The tool supports macros and mentions widgets. These often make a significant segment of any development process. Therefore, having a tool that helps you input these directly is something that any developer would welcome. You can apply Ment.io directly for any selectable content inputs and elements.

9. Angular Material

Angular Material UI component library

Angular Material is basically a UI elements library for an Angular developer. There are essentially three core design parameters we need to consider when developing a good website:

  • Graceful Degradation
  • Device Independence
  • Browser Portability

Angular Material allows you to implement these fundamentals. The major perk of this tool is that it has over 30 UI services and components. Hence, it is quite like a playground for the developers to experiment. Whether you want to get features such as buttons or make something hover on the website, Angular Material will help you do it.

  1. Jasmine

jasmine testing framework

Last but definitely not least, Jasmine is yet another amazing testing tool that works alongside Karma. It is a BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) JavaScript framework that helps the developers to also work on TDD (Test-Driven Development). Jasmine checks as well as detects JavaScript frameworks and classes automatically to determine any unmonitored code.

Jasmine provides a simple syntax for easy backend and frontend testing and is easy to code.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of the best Angular Development tools every developer must refer to. If you are new to Angular, it might take a while to get the hang of it, but by using the above-listed tools, you will be able to build an app more efficiently and witness a smooth and easy developing experience.

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