Popular Web Animation Techniques in 2022

Evelina Brown

Web animation is a great way to grab attention. Check out the web animation trends in 2022.

Today we see the digital world gaining momentum and we see it undergoing constant change. With more and more people being active users of the Internet, and with many companies and businesses paying more and more attention to online presence, the animation is a great way to engage users and make their online experience more fun and engaging.

It is also of great importance that at the moment graphic designers can meet the needs of customers much faster, thanks to the availability of many resources and software where they can create animation without coding.

Various brands follow the trends and try to implement them as quickly as possible in the development of their websites. Following trends allows them to stand out among a huge number of competitors and attract the attention of buyers and clients. For instance, in the car rental industry, many companies are trying to make the experience for their customers much better and more interesting. If you own a BMW car rental, which there are a huge number of, and want to make potential customers pay attention to your first-class service, a wide range of cars for hire, as well as the ability to rent a car at a reasonable price, then you have a great opportunity to grab the attention of users, using animation.

In this article, we will talk about what trends have formed in 2022 in the field of web animation.

2D animation is being reimagined

This kind of animation will never go out of style. However, it should be borne in mind that this type of animation gets a new look that meets the requirements of users. Many experts are trying to take a fresh look and bring something new to this area. In this, they are greatly helped by the use of vector animation.

Now you can see how many experts in this field are starting to use the gradient more and more, apply innovations in the field of shading, and add new strokes that were not used before. Thanks to this, the user interface begins to play with new colors. At the same time, such animation is created quite quickly, so this direction remains in demand.

Doordash shows how 2D animation is still alive in 2022. They are the largest food delivery service in the United States of America. For those who want to be part of the team, they have made an incredible platform where you can join the team based on your salary goals as well as the number of working hours per week.

Self-drawing animation

This trend is also not new, but over the entire period of its existence it has proved its effectiveness and therefore we can say that it will be relevant for many years. This type of animation captures the attention of all users, as it gives the impression that the image is being drawn in real-time.

In addition, it is versatile, since this type of animation can be used to create various animated characters, emblems for companies, icons, and much more.

Handwrytten perfectly demonstrates what the company does on the main page of the website. They offer businesses and people to send real handwritten letters instead of emails. By going to the site, you can see how robots write letters and the most interesting thing is that there is no difference at all if such letters were written by a person. The company invites businesses to provide a personalized experience using these letters, which is unusual in the digital age.

Limited choice of colors

Colors have a huge impact on the emotions of users. Using this or that palette in animation, specialists can set the mood for users without words. In recent years, we have seen a trend towards more natural and soft colors. In this regard, design experts try to limit the number of colors used when creating a particular animation. This allows them to easily and quickly convey the mood that is needed.

While the color palette is limited, many try to use various soft and natural shades of different colors, which makes animations even more exciting.

This kind of animation is amazingly demonstrated on a bike-sharing site in Copenhagen. Bycyklen is committed to giving people the opportunity to take an electric bike to travel around the city. By interacting with the animation on the site, each user can learn about the benefits of using such a bike. At the same time, the animation is made in a limited minimalist color palette.

Transforming animation

The attractiveness of this type of animation lies in the fact that it is impossible to take your eyes off of them. Users can watch all the cycles of transformation of one figure or object turning into another over and over again. They try to understand how specialists achieve smooth transformation and this hypnotizes them.

It is the perfect way to present visual storytelling, which is why this trend is popular this year. In addition, its relevance lies in the fact that it has a positive effect on SEO.

The website of Species in Pieces greatly demonstrates such kind of animation. Here you can observe the interactive exhibition of 30 endangered species of animals. When you start the exhibition you can observe animals and find out why they are endangered. As you pass from one species to another, you can observe the mesmerizing transformation.

Animated emblems

Another technique used by both large companies and small businesses to attract the attention of buyers and customers is the creation of animated emblems. Emblems created in the form of animation are easy to remember and therefore it plays a great role in increasing the recognition of any company.

With the help of such animation, you can easily emphasize the history of the brand or demonstrate the company's mascot, which will be remembered by a large number of users.

It seems like a site that sells sensors for the industrial, automotive, and mobile sectors doesn't need any kind of animation. However, Vibor proves that it is possible to improve the experience of users and buyers by adding entertaining animations. They also show a great example of an animated logo and they don't stop there.


Animation is a great way to capture the attention of users. In this regard, companies, both large and small, keep track of newfangled trends and try to quickly implement them on their websites. Due to the presence of simple software, graphic designers can quickly implement the ideas of customers.

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