Jamstack Made Getting Started Easier

Jamstack began as an architectural approach for building websites. As a byproduct, it also promoted the simplicity of deploying those sites.

There's so much tooling around building websites that it's easy to get lost in the core of what a website is — HTML files.

That's it. If you have an HTML file, you have a website ...

As long as you can deploy it.

And that wasn't always easy. Finding the service, wiring up the domain, and figuring out a process to push updates to the site made "building a website" more than just writing a simple HTML file.

Jamstack Lowered the Barrier to Entry

Netlify led the Jamstack movement, which began as an architectural approach that focused on decoupling various services and stitching them together, rather than using a monolithic application.

One byproduct of Jamstack that is often overlooked is that it also lowered the barrier to entry in building simple sites. Now you really can just have an HTML file and add it to Netlify by choosing "Deploy manually" from the new site options.

And if you want to be able to push updates, you can make new deploys, or you can use Git and GitHub so these deployments happen automatically.

Prioritizing the Basics

It seems like such a simple thing (because it is), but it's easy to overlook the process of getting started after we know how to do something, and so important that we give it attention.

The web is an increasingly complex space to join. The barrier to entry appears high. But it doesn't have to.

Try It!

Try it! Write a single HTML file, drag it into a new project in Netlify and see how fast you have a new site. It's kind of amazing!

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