Never Lose Copied Text Again!

If you’re constantly copying and pasting and losing what is on your clipboard, here’s the perfect solution!

Even when I'm writing a lot of code, I'm constantly copying and pasting.

Whether it's a code example, code I'm moving around, or a quote I want to convert into a poster with a sandwich, there's a lot of copying and pasting happening.

And because we often have to be experts in context switching as developers, it's easy to copy something, get distracted with another piece of text, copy that, and then want to get back to where you were.

Clipboard Managers to the Rescue

It took me far too long to discover clipboard managers for Mac. They hold the clipboard history and let you look back in time (usually through searching) to find the thing that you copied over.

They are amazing!

I've been using clipboard managers for several years now. I've gone through several. With my current setup, I'm using Raycast, which has a Clipboard History feature.

A few others I've found and tinkered with are:

  • Alfred (Powerpack): This requires the paid version of Alfred, but those that buy it tend to love it. I used Alfred for several years, but never made the plunge to pay for it.
  • CopyClip 2: I used this one for years. I really liked it, but ditched it when I transitioned from Alfred to Raycast.
  • Maccy: This is one I haven't used, but it tends to get a lot of attention and is worth checking out.

Of course, there are many more where those came from. A quick google search will likely unveil many more in the category.

Whatever path you choose, the choice is clear — upgrade from your default clipboard today!

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