Deleted 3 Apps Thanks to Raycast

Raycast has boosted my productivity while also covering the offerings of three applications I was using.

Okay, so one of them was Alfred. But, seriously, Raycast is amazing!

What Sets Raycast Apart

At first, Raycast seemed like yet another productivity tool. I read about it more than a year before I adopted it. I was happy with Alfred. And it seemed like another Alfred.

As most things go for me, it took a word-of-mouth recommendation from a colleague who really hyped Raycast. So I said I would try it for one week and then decide which app to delete.

After just two days, I deleted Alfred, because:

  • At the most basic level, they can accomplish the same thing.
  • Raycast has featured packed into its free tier that would require payment for Alfred.
  • The (unofficial) Raycast Marketplace is extensive and has a number of scripts. I haven't even brushed the surface of this yet, but I have started using it to create issues on GitHub for this website without opening the browser, which is amazing!
  • Writing your own script is honestly not that intimidating. I haven't built anything I've used, but I've tinkered with it, and the experience is great. Usually these things get super complicated, but this is just JavaScript.

Apps I Deleted

Aside from Alfred, I've also deleted:

  • Clipboard manager (CopyClip 2), which I had paid for. Raycast has this built in and it works great.
  • Window manager (Spectacle). Raycast's window manager has all the same capabilities, and I could simplify it to focus on my typical arrangements. I've also recently wanted to introduce a gap between windows, which Raycast could handle.

I'm sure there's much for me to discover, and I hope there are more apps I can delete in the future. But for now, I'm happy.

Raycast is amazing!

If you're unsure, make it an experiment. Try it for a week. Ditch it if it doesn't blow your mind.

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