Take A(n Unconventional) Break!

I took half a Tuesday and half a Wednesday to spend time with my family. Breaks from work don't always have to be conventional.

I'm lucky enough to have my brother attending college in the same city in which I live. His birthday was earlier this week, and usually we'd celebrate by having a few drinks and going to dinner at a new (to us) restaurant.

We switched it up this year because a band we both love, The Lumineers, were in town the night before his birthday. In contrast to the usual, my wife and I decided to take my brother to the show.

Soon after we made this decision, as an extra bonus, my mother said she'd like to join the three of us. For me, this was special. I don't get to see my mom too often, and this trip meant she was taking two days off and driving 6+ hours during her company's busy season.

So, on a Tuesday, my wife, my brother, and I all left work/class early and met my Mom at a bar. We partied. We saw The Lumineers. We partied more. We ate a lot of pizza. We slept the party off. We drank coffee. We went to brunch. Then we parted ways after a quick 24 hours. And I started work at 2:00pm on Wednesday.

It was a totally weird and a really, really great way to spend half of a Tuesday and half a Wednesday.

A break from this busy life doesn't have to be on Friday afternoon. It doesn't have to be on one of the three national holidays your company gives you. It doesn't have to be scheduled far in advance. All it needs is to occur.

So do it.

Stay out late on a Tuesday. Go to brunch on a Wednesday. Travel to see a loved one in the middle of the week. Skip work during your busy season.

Do it. You deserve it.

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