Sometimes I Break My Rules

To maintain a consistent state of efficiency, I have rules. They aren't strict. But they help guide me.

To maintain a consistent state of efficiency, I have rules. They aren't strict—they're more like guidelines, as they guide me through each day.

Disregarding these rules can lead to a breakdown. And it's not about efficiency.

For example, skipping a daily routing is like skipping class. It's something you know you shouldn't do, and you don't want to do it, but the first time you do, it opens the floodgates. The first time makes the second time possible.

And not doing something on a day when I awoke with the plan of doing that thing isn't just about not getting that thing done. It opens each day giving current me the power to disregard past me. And while past me isn't always so wise, he needs to be given a chance to be authoritative.

Yet, sometimes I still break the rules.

Sometimes a friend needs me more than that next line of code needs to be written.

Sometimes my parents haven't received a call from me in awhile and need it more than I need to work on a new song.

Sometimes my wife needs help around the house more than I need to finish an article.

I have rules to keep my life together. Breaking the rules is dangerous. Not breaking the rules would be catastrophic.

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