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The Spinneret: Issue #8

I had my hands full and didn't write much, but I found a plethora of new articles and tools to help you in your web adventures.

My Updates

Notable changes in my life, on my website, and in other projects.

The Spinneret - My Code

Last month I launched Unmute alongside three fellow nerds I know and love, Becky Blank, Brandon Blank, and Ryan Cayabyab.

Unmute is a storytelling platform for underrepresented folx in the tech community. We're not really sure what it's going to end up being, but for now we're planning to host a series of (free) events for the community.

This project is the culmination of two things in my life: 1) My desire to use my privilege to help those less represented in the industry, and 2) A way to get back into storytelling after discontinuing the ridiculous podcast I ran for a few years.

My Words

New blog posts and videos I published last month.

The Spinneret - My Words

As expected, April was a slow month for me. We welcomed our second child early in the month, and I didn't really find a groove to writing again until the month neared its end.

Of the four articles I published, I'm really excited about two:

And here are a couple other quick hits on JavaScript:

My Reads

Articles and news I read last month that I found interesting, with some commentary.

The Spinneret - My Reads

I found so many great articles in April that I started wondering if I should be running a weekly newsletter. There's a lot to get through here, so I tried to bucket them for you.

Product Updates

Here are a few updates from products I've come to love:

Headless CMS

For some reason, I came across a large number of articles in the headless CMS space. There's some overlap here, but all worth a read (or at least a skim to see if it's relevant to you):

Static Site Generators

We can't talk about headless CMS without a little bit of SSG:

SEO & Performance

Odds and ends on the subject:

Fun with JavaScript

JavaScript is ... weird. Really weird. Here is a collection of new resources to help you understand and work efficiently with JavaScript:

On the Human Part

Something I don't talk about enough is the process of getting a job (i.e. making money) in the tech space, which is ... a whole thing. Here are a few articles in that vein:

Case Studies

I don't usually like to read case studies. They are often super self-back-patting pieces, when I want to read to learn something. I found these two to be particularly insightful because they teach more than they promote:

My Finds

New tools that I've recently discovered. They aren't necessarily new.

The Spinneret - My Finds

I also found a lot of new tools this month. These are listed in alphabetical order with a quick snippet about each.

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