Learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Most of the messages I receive are about getting sponsored content onto the site. The sections below describe how I work with sponsored content.

I'm open to mutual link sharing to boost our collective SEO if it is relevant to the content. I will not add spammy links to this site, nor would I like my site linked to in spammy ways.

To add your link to this site, you can:

Before accepting the request, you must also tell me where on your site you are linking back to my site. This must also be relevant to your audience and not spammy.

I do accept sponsored content. You can contribute a post to the site that promotes your project or product.

To do so, follow the guest writing guide, but note when you submit your proposal that it is a sponsored post. Note: Sponsored content must still adhere to the guidelines of the content on this site. It must help developers build better websites through tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more.

Cost is $250 per post, which covers:

  • My time editing and publishing the post.
  • A mention of the post on Twitter.

Writing on Your Behalf

I'm also available to write content that promotes your product or project on your behalf. This content can be published on this site or other platforms or publications. See the hire me page for details.


There are currently no advertisements on this site. I'm open to direct ads. Please contact me for details.