Learn about sponsorship opportunities.

My long-term goal for this site is for it to become self-sustaining. To not be just a side project, but something that I can spend more of each day developing. And to be able to pay those contributing to the project.

One means of working toward that goal is by accepting sponsorship. Listed below are the opportunities currently available. If you don't see what you're looking for, let's chat.

Newsletter Sponsor

I send a monthly newsletter called The Spinneret. There are plans to overhaul this newsletter in 2022. The new format will include sponsorship opportunities.

If you'd like to be sponsored in the newsletter in its current format, please contact me.

Guest Post

I do accept sponsored content. You can contribute a post to the site that promotes your project or product.

To do so, follow the guest writing guide, but note when you submit your proposal that it is a sponsored post.

Note: Sponsored content must still adhere to the guidelines of the content on this site. It must help developers build better websites through tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more.

Cost is negotiable at this time.

Writing on Your Behalf

I'm also available to write content that promotes your product or project on your behalf. This content can be published on this site or other platforms or publications.

My rate is $175 per hour, which comes out to about $750-1k for the typical post.


At this time, I do not have a mechanism to introduce ads on the site, and I'm not looking to implement one just yet.

If I can introduce ads in a non-obtrusive way and allow for folks to remove them through subscription, I may consider them in the future. The site must grow considerably in traffic first.