Round to the nearest 0.5 in Ruby

A cool and quick trick to round floats to the nearest 0.5 in Ruby.

To round a number to the nearest 0.5 in most programming languages, you multiply the number by 2, round it, then divide the result by 2.

In Ruby, this looks like this:

(x * 2.0).round / 2.0

If you are going to use it a lot, you can add it to the Float class:

class Float

def round_to_half
(self * 2.0).round / 2.0


Then, you can simply use:

# => 3.5

Just make sure you use a float and not an integer, as that method won't be available in another class (unless you make it available). For example:

# => undefined method `round_to_half' for 2:Fixnum

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