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The Spinneret: Issue #7

Well, now there's another Davis and a lot more poop. Also, new code stuff and things.

My Updates

Notable changes in my life, on my website, and in other projects.

The Spinneret - My Code

Hey hey! It's me again. Sorry I'm a little late this month. I, uh ... had a baby. Well, I didn't have the baby. The person who lives with me did. In any case, there's a thin layer of poop on the sleep-deprived mess that is the current state of affairs in my house.

Despite all that, and despite the baby arriving nearly a month early, everyone is overall happy and healthy. And the oldest is pretty stoked about being a big sister.

What this means for this newsletter is ... hopefully nothing. My post frequency will go down dramatically in April, but then likely pick back up in May as I find a new groove. I suspect, though, that this is unlikely to affect the quality or format of the newsletter.

My Words

New blog posts and videos I published last month.

The Spinneret - My Words

The two articles I'm most excited about this month are:

As I look to figure out how to publish more content (that is meaningful), I've started by cleaning out some things I've had laying around for a bit.

Plus a new Quick Tip: Use a Code Spell Checker

A couple new WTF articles:

And I solved a few random problems:

My Reads

Articles and news I read last month that I found interesting, with some commentary.

The Spinneret - My Reads

These were the articles from last month that caught my attention more than the rest:

And here are some other quick hitters:

My Finds

New tools that I've recently discovered. They aren't necessarily new.

The Spinneret - My Finds

I also learned about a few things that have probably been around for awhile:

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